Based on average life expectancy and per-capita income, Bangladesh is currently moving from infectious/ communicable disease to non-communicable chronic disease. Nuclear medicine is the key to the diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart and brain diseases, but Bangladesh's nuclear medicine / nuclear science base is lacking in human resources, requiring considerable external assistance. Therefore, the current development task is aimed at strengthening the nuclear medicine human foundation and establishing the treatment system for the treatment of Bangladesh non-communicable diseases.

To this end, 1) long-term training for emerging nuclear and nuclear scientists, short-term invitation workshops, 2) retraining trainees through on-site visits and distance education, 3) building and utilizing web-based education support platforms, and establishing nuclear medicine education programs. It is expected to strengthen the nuclear medical human foundation for the treatment of non-communicable diseases in Bangladesh, and further contribute to the development of medical high-level human resources in Bangladesh.


- Expand the vision of nuclear medicine, geographical expansion of this innovation and human network formation
- Formation of human networks and capacity building in Bangladesh's nuclear medicine workforce